Gang Up! (Revised second print) Polish

Status: Released

Release date: March 2017

Published by: Czacha Games

Type: casual card game   

Players: 3-5         

Age: 12 and up

Duration: 30-45 min. 

Contents:  110 cards, box & manual booklet, 5 plastic diamonds

Version Notes

(Compared to the Kickstarter version:) this is the second, improved version of Gang Up! The game has been better balanced and crime cards no longer have a status-requirement . The ‘Gang leader’- & ‘Location’- cards are still included, but several cards where removed to bring the card total down to 110 cards. The cards now have white borders, the box is slightly larger and has a cardboard divider. Score counters where added in the shape of diamonds.

Promo Movie 1 – polish

Promo Movie 2 – polish

Rules Movie -polish

Manuals in various languages

not yet available.


not yet available.