Gang Up! (Revised second print) English/Dutch

Status: In-print

Release date: Oct 13, 2016

Published by: HOT Games

Type: casual card game   

Players: 3-5         

Age: 12 and up

Duration: 30-45 min. 

Contents:  110 cards, box & manual

Version Notes

This is the second, improved version of Gang Up! The game has been better balanced; several cards were re-written, status-numbers were changed & crime cards no longer have a status-requirement. As a result, the game plays faster then before. The ‘Gang leader’- & ‘Location’- cards from the previous version, where removed from the game to save printing cost. The advised price has dropped from € 15 to €10. The rules in the manual also have undergone small changes; and the rules now fit on one page, instead of two (because of the removal of the extra cards). Rules are printed in English, but also in Dutch on the backside of the manual.


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Manuals in various languages

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In order to clarify the rules, or to correct typo’s the text should have been as following (changes are written bold):


(CARDS GLOSSARY) Order of Effects: card effects are instant. The card that is played first, or the gangster action that is used first – always goes in effect first.

(Tip! Be a gentleman and give other players a moment to respond to your first card played, before playing multiple cards in a row)

(CARD TERMS) Cancel: ignore the effect of the last played influence card or  last activated gangster action.


EASY JENNY: ‘Any player may pay  /-1/ and defect Jenny to their HQ’.

A NEW LEAF: ‘Discard your entire hand for /6/ cards from the top of the Resource pile. Remove this card from play, when played.’


Order of Effects

Q: If my gangster ‘RED’ is killed, can I reply to that by using her gangster action (to force another gangster to join the crime) -before she ends up in the discard pile?

A: No you can’t. The kill effect is instant, you cannot interrupt that by using her gangster action.

Q: If my gangster ‘JACK CONNECT’ is killed, can I reply to that by using his gangster action (to cancel the kill) -before he ends up in the discard pile?

A: No you can’t, for the same reason as RED can’t. You could however play a cancel card from your hand to protect him from the kill. And he can also protect others from being killed by using his action…but not himself. (we know this might sound a bit weird, but it’s consistent with the main rules 🙂 ).

Traits & Actions

Q: When can I use my Gangster actions?

A: You may use the gangster actions when they are in your HQ or in a crime, as long as you can pay the cost. But if they ‘re forced at a crime by another player, then the other player can (for the time being) use their actions (and you can’t).

Q: When do the Gangster traits apply?

A: Gangster traits automatically apply when relevant. Sometimes that’s during the crime phase; like when your gangster gives a +2 status bonus when a crime is successful. But there is for example Frank, who automatically kills every gangster that defects from your gang. This trait can activate when Frank is in a crime or in your HQ.


Q. When I use jailed members through Takeover Todd, Can I use both their abilities and use them as manpower?

A: Yes, you can use those gangsters just like your own HQ-gangsters during that turn. They just go back to jail at the end of it.


Q: If two players successfully complete a Crime, both get awarded the Status points. But if the Crime card has a bonus effect (f.i. draw a resource card) is that also awarded to both players?

A: Both players get the reward mentioned on the crime card, that includes the extra resource card. But if you get an extra bonus through one of your gangsters traits you don’t share that.

Q: When does a gambling crime fail exactly? And do you get more status if you add more manpower during the crime?

A: The required manpower & status is set when the crime starts, and is determined by the amount of manpower that was added while organizing the crime (phase4B). Adding manpower while the crime is in progress (phase 4C), does no longer affect the status that can be won/lost, but just adds extra manpower.


Q: Gamble Crimes provide a Status reward equal to the manpower sent to do the job. How do these cards interact with ‘Police Presence‘, that says “+3 manpower required for this Crime”

A: If you play ‘Police Presence’ before a gamble crime starts (phase 4B); the player needs at least 3 Manpower to play the gamble crime; so the status reward will at least be 3 in this case.  If the ‘Police Presence’ is played while the crime is in progress (phase 4C), the player needs to add 3 extra manpower to let the crime be successful. But these extra men don’t increase the status reward anymore.

Forcing Gangsters

Q: When my Gangsters are ‘forced to join a crime’, who can use the Gangster actions and who benefits from gangster traits?

A: When members are forced to join a crime another player started, consider them as members of that gang  until the crime is over. The forced members return to their original gang after the crime is completed (if not otherwise affected). Temporarily moving gangsters to and from a gang when forced, does not count as ‘defecting’. And you’re not an Ally.

Q: When my Gangsters are ‘forced to join a crime’, can I still benefit from cards that give me extra status points after the crime as if I was a part of it – like ‘Nine o’clock news’ ? 

A: No, when someone forces your gangsters you can consider them temporarily belonging to that gang.

Q: When a gangster is forced to join in a gambling crime, does the manpower needed increase?

A: Yes, you can only add Gangsters to a crime before it starts (unless you use an Influence card). And since the manpower at the start of a crime determines the required manpower and Status reward, both increase.



Q: If all the Gangsters an ally put forward are removed, is that player still an ally? Do they still share rewards? Can I pick a new ally?)

A: Even if the ally’s gangsters are removed he or she is technically still an ally and can help you out with Influence cards. They still share rewards if the crime is successful. And so you can’t pick another ally during the crime. Of course, if your ally decides not to help before the crime starts, you’re free to pick another ally.


Q: Does “Busted Siren” completely cancel “Police Party”, or does it only prevent the arrest of 1 gangster?

A: “Busted Siren” cancels the entire “Police Party”.


Q: When we can pick up a gangster in jail, can we pick up any gangster or just the one at the top of the pile ?

A: You can go through the pile.


Q: If I have The Copycat copy Vengeful Frank, are those cards killed if they try to defect?

A: Frank doesn’t kill himself when he defects. And Copycat takes over the exact properties of whoever he copies. So, Frank doesn’t kill Copycat or vice versa. You could reason that Frank should realize that his double is trying to defect and not himself, but for now let’s assume Frank is a bit dim.

Q: Can my opponents pay two cards at any time to have Herc the Merc defect? Even when the crime is in progress, or after it is completed? Same question for Easy Jenny.

A: Yes, both cards have their value, but you run a big risk if you do a crime with those two gangsters and didn’t bring more than the minimum manpower required. Because they can defect during a crime.

Kickstarter version cards

Q: Can I use the ‘Gang leader’ and ‘Location’- cards from the previous (Kickstarter) version, with this version?

A: Yes you can! It will add another layer of tactics to the game, just like before.

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