These are some photos from the actual game (1st print version ).

The box size is 12.5 x 9.5x 2.5 cm and and the cards are standard bridgecard size (5.7 cm wide). The rulepage is A4 size and is printed double sided. Both the box & the card stacks are wrapped in protective plastic. The images show just a few card examples, the game contains 130 cards, of which 123 are unique.

Webtitle_gamecontentBelow you can see the extra content that is available (not included with the game). The first image shows the map/ game board that you can use with the game. This paper version is A3 size (and can be folded till A7 size, so it fit’s the box).

The artbook is A5 size and contains 52 pages full of artwork & biographies of the various gangsters from crimetown.



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